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Come in, take a look around and see how French for Tuesday, an Australian based yet globally minded, sustainability blog helps to create circular communities. Included in this thinking, check out the quality second-hand-first online shop to help you live a smart, low impact lifestyle by keeping things in circulation.

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Be inspired to live a more sustainable lifestyle – by being creative in how we use and re-use things, reducing our consumption, and choosing ways which tread lightly on ourselves, our everyday living, each other and our planet.

This is your place to read and hear stories of all the good stuff people do.

You’ll find a field of useful info to help you consider, embrace and live a more low impact lifestyle.

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Shop online with French for Tuesday for your unique second-hand-first item. By shopping second hand, we can reduce waste going to landfill and create a wonderful re-use community.

You’ll find a diverse range of quality vintage, retro or lightly used second hand items. Each piece has it’s own history to fit beautifully in with your hominess, personal style and taste.

You’ll also discover my recommended new eco-friendly products that tread more lightly on ourselves and our planet.

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