Live well, spend less, connect to your community and protect our amazing earth
by embracing a zero waste lifestyle.

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Welcome to French for Tuesday – your Australian based, zero waste living blog that centres around three key values for an authentic eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle –  using what’s already in circulation, aiming towards zero waste and caring for the natural environment.

Whether you’re looking for tips and ideas about food and gardening, how to become zero waste whilst at home and travelling, enjoying eco friendly recreational activities, exploring how to develop your unique sustainable living style, or finding out more about people in the community…there’s something here to support your everyday zero waste lifestyle.

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French for Tuesday is also an Australian based online shop that sells a diverse range of quality vintage, retro or lightly used second hand items to fit your personal style and taste. We also support the sustainably creative folk in my local area as well as Australia by selling quality handmade items that meet our elements of being eco friendly.

Shop with confidence and convenience, as PayPal is our preferred payment option.

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If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our shop, then you may like to shop with our recommended businesses – Biome for everyday sustainable living, Etsy Australia for more vintage and handmade goods, and the Book Depository for all things books!