Hi there! My name’s Mardi. I’m the founder of French for Tuesday. 

Why the unique name? “Mardi” is a day of the week in the French language….ahhhh! Everything you find here is totally a 100% Australian eco-living experience! Welcome!

Let’s simplify living sustainably together by rethinking our everyday to help us tread lightly and more resourcefully.

French for Tuesday is grounded in Newcastle, Australia. Join me as I share stories of our local community grassroots change-makers who genuinely help the wellbeing of people and planet.

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Our mindful actions flow on to our immediate community, which impacts upon our national environmental footprint, which then impacts upon the biggie – our planet.

Together we can live sustainably as our everyday normal – to live mindfully and resourcefully today without compromising ourselves and planet down the track.

Start here by attending one of my workshops, reading stories on my blog or choosing to purchase from my online shop (with Australia wide delivery).

Local stories to rethink your everyday

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My blog is filled with stories, ideas and actions to help rethink your everyday to start living a more resourceful and sustainable lifestyle in the Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Central Coast of NSW.

Discover the amazing people in our community who will inspire you to start living more resourcefully. Authentically. Browse stories by the area that’s of most interest to you:

  • Belonging –  find out who is doing great things within our community and how connecting with others and nature is the key to workable circular communities
  • Everyday Living – explore how you can tread lightly and live a more low tox, sustainable lifestyle in all areas of your home, food, garden, body and mind.

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Workshops & Education

Local workshops to learn more

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I speak about all topics on low tox sustainability to inspire people to re-think and take small step, achievable community action.

You’ll discover a field of useful info in each workshop to help you be more mindful and be ready to embrace living a resourceful lifestyle.

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See how I can help you customise a low tox sustainable living workshop in your area.

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Resourceful communities shop for items already in circulation by choosing quality second-hand-first to reduce waste going to landfill. Discover a diverse range of quality vintage, retro or lightly used second hand items.

Local communities love supporting local too. Upcycled, handcrafted items add a local, lower footprint ethos to the online shop.

The online shop also recommends brand new products (through partnership recommendations) that support low tox, low waste products for the benefit of ourselves and planet.

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