Hi there! My name’s Mardi.

I’m the founder of French for Tuesday. 

Why the unique name? “Mardi” is a day of the week in the French language! Everything here is a 100% Australian eco-living experience – Welcome!

French for Tuesday is helping you live locally and sustainably everyday.  

Grounded in Newcastle Australia, French for Tuesday is your (im)perfect source of eco living connections, insight, and education – told clearly and authentically – strengthening our commitment to healthy people and planet.

Let’s share the sustainability journey together.

What do you want to find today?

Stories, News & Voices

Local stories to rethink your everyday so you can start living a more resourceful and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Join me as I share stories, ideas and understandings from my lived experiences and learned knowledge.

French for Tuesday connects you with people & places in our community – the grassroots of changemakers – who all help to make a collective difference.

Read the stories that have the most meaning for you. Start with:

Find out who is doing great things within our community and how connecting with others & nature is the key to workable circular communities

Explore how to tread lightly and live a more low tox, eco-friendly lifestyle in all areas of your home, food, garden, body and mind.

Workshops & Education

Speaking events & workshops help you take simple steps of change.

Ready to take the next step in your sustainability journey? Meeting you in person, be inspired to re-think your everyday and do achievable personal and community actions.

Discover a range of topics relevant to living an eco-friendly lifestyle. Each workshop helps you be more mindful and feel empowered to embrace living resourcefully.

Get in touch with me here to chat about how I can help you with workshops.

Online Shop

The shop you need for treading lightly on the planet

French for Tuesday helps you live locally and sustainably everyday with this unique online shop. The shop encourages you to:

  • Shop secondhand first with a diverse range of quality vintage, retro or lightly used second hand items.
  • Support and connect with local Newcastle businesses who in turn genuinely promote sustainable living with a range of upcycled, handcrafted and low tox products.
  • Purchase new, low waste, low tox and eco-friendly products with a conscious approach