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Low Tox Life Workshop

with Alexx Stuart

Join Alexx Stuart of Low Tox Life in Newcastle NSW on the 5th September 2019 to help you switch and ditch environmental toxins across all aspects of daily life – including on your body and throughout your home!

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Welcome to French for Tuesday – an Australian based yet globally minded sustainability blog. French for Tuesday helps you live a low impact lifestyle by creating authentic daily habits of sustainability. 

The Shop

French for Tuesday is an Australian based online shop that sells a diverse range of quality vintage, retro or lightly used second hand items. Each piece has it’s own history to fit beautifully in with your hominess, personal style and taste.

By shopping second hand, you will :-

  • reduce landfill waste, by keeping the product in circulation and lengthening the lifespan of quality  items
  • refuse and reduce buying and making new products
  • create a wonderful re-using community
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