Meet Your Community

Welcome to Meet your Community – a showcase series of blogposts that aims to capture the true essence of real people like you, who are living regenerative lifestyle.

Low impact, zero waste and sustainable living goes beyond the glamour of purchasing green, eco friendly and ethically sourced products. This is definitely one aspect of treading more sustainably, but living a regenerative lifestyle is more than that. Meet your Community gives a much broader, more layered perspective about living a greener, more sustainable life. It’s about removing the initial layer of superficiality to provide inspiration to others who may already be living a regenerative lifestyle or just starting their journey.

This series gives you the chance to share your own genuine, achievable tips for others to inspire others  to create their own genuine daily habits to tread lightly and sustainably in their health, wealth and the environment.

About French for Tuesday

Hi! My name’s Mardi! I created French for Tuesday in 2018 to empower people to live well, spend less, connect with their community and protect our amazing environment. Ultimately, to give people the freedom and help to slowly change and love their daily living habits. One which you can live a more authentic life by becoming conscious consumers, going back-to-basics, cooking from scratch, shopping locally, heading towards zero waste, being in tune with nature and looking after our planet…

Being authentic for me is the acceptance of imperfection, being personable, knowing that mistakes are essential for learning, discovering new ways and being able to back up positive words with actions that benefit yourself and have the power to inspire others.

Our Community

Even though French for Tuesday is a 100% Australian blog, the stories, conversations and topics are relevant for interested reader communities around the globe.

The strongest connections we have is with our close friends and family. French for Tuesday is that kind of growing community, where the synapses of living a low impact lifestyle unite to become the impetus for change.

All stories are not sponsored nor paid and are about everyday people in the community.

Your Authentic Story

Authenticity is the fundamental part of your story. It’s about what you live and love everyday. Sharing your personal story about your area of strength for living a low impact lifestyle starts here. This is your story that you’d love to share.

I would love to hear your story in the way you feel most comfortable. Perhaps this is through art, graphic design, photography, words, video, an interview…

Reading these published blogposts will give you an idea of how your story may look and feel.

More Information

If you have an authentic, low impact living story to share with the French for Tuesday community – click here to download the Meet Your Community brochure. Touch base with me here so I can work with you to share your story.