An Inspirationally Creative Waste to Art Story

In this video, Melinda shares her inspirationally creative Waste to Art story on sewing couture-style dresses from waste, highlighting how you can make something beautiful and spectacular from things that other people have thrown away.

Melinda gives us greater insight in to the background, inspiration and process of creating these dresses in her written story Blue Wrap Couture: From Waste to Art, found here in the stories about the community.

Exhibiting each year in the Lake Macquarie Sustainable Neighbourhood’s Waste to Art Exhibition, Melinda’s story will encourage you to start creating!

An Inspirationally Creative Waste to Art Story

Waste to Art Exhibition

Lake Macquarie Sustainable Neighbourhoods are challenging the way we look at waste with the annual Waste to Art exhibition.

The exhibition is open to everyone in our community – artists, creatives, community groups and schools – and are invited to take up the challenge to create a new life for materials that will otherwise be thrown away.

Where will you find your inspiration?

To register your interest, visit Sustainable or go straight here for more details.

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