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our 3 Values of sustainability

Use what’s already in circulation

With thoughtful thinking, creativity and acceptance we can use what’s already available, either by using what you already have, borrowing, swapping, thrifting or making. Vintage, second hand and used products are example of how we can use what’s already in circulation.

Aim for zero waste

We can bring positive change to the world through our daily decisions and actions. Aiming for zero waste is to refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot.

Respect the natural environment

Water, the core structure of the earth and the animals work together to create a balanced and amazing world. Maintaining the natural balance and respecting the environment is key to sustainable living.

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Wood and Sons “Ringwood Ware” Bowls


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Vintage Bingo Board Game


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Hand Crochet Cushions

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Kitchen Dining & Serving

Vintage Tupperware Jug