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My Vintage Thermos is the Best Coffee Thermos

My Vintage Thermos is the Best Coffee Thermos

In a country town op shop sitting on the top shelf amongst the large glass vases and picture frames, I spotted my new-for-me classic Thermos. Featuring a timeless green and white pattern, this 1960’s Made in England vintage thermos quickly became my most trusted source of takeaway coffee. I bought the thermos a year ago. […]

Leftover Pear Syrup Makes the Most Simple & Yummy Jelly

Leftover pear syrup jelly is yummy and so simple to make.

Tinned fruit is a convenient source of fruity goodness to go with your brekkie oats. It’s the only pear that’s bruise free when you go weekend camping! Once you’ve eaten the pears, there’s a lot of leftover liquid. Rather than throwing the juices away, here’s how you can make this simple leftover pear syrup jelly […]