Creating Art from Found and Foraged Waste

The natural environment inspires every one of Diana’s art pieces. Sourced from the beaches near her home in Lake Macquarie NSW, Diana from @seeyasista, loves creating art from found and foraged waste. Her meticulous work and attention to detail highlights how waste can be such a valuable and readily available resource.

Diana’s piece Forager. In Search of Blossom…No Future Here was exhibited at the 2019 Lake Macquarie Sustainable Neighbourhoods Waste to Art Exhibition.

Enjoy reading Diana’s story on how Forager. In Search of Blossom…No Future Here, developed using waste as an art material.

Creating Art from Found and Foraged Waste

The title of my piece, Forager. In Search of Blossom…No Future Here, pretty much sums up the story:

A poor little honey bee is in search of blossom, but these flowers are a fruitless food source. One day this may be the only representation of a garden that once was unless we start to tread lightly and change our footprint on Earth.

All materials in this piece were upcycled – timber rafters and floorboards, plastic milk bottles, bead door curtain, communication wire, copper wire, leather handbag, copper strapping, and timber venetian blinds.

Waste has a Story

My inspiration comes from the natural environment and the decline of the bee population. I was hearing and seeing a lot around the decline of bees and felt compelled to convey my concern through my art piece.

I enjoy showcasing my work and seeing the smiles on faces when the viewer realises the piece is someone else’s ‘rubbish’. All this ‘rubbish’ has a history, and it excites me to make something new from materials with a previous story.

I seek out competitions and exhibitions that require recycled or alternative materials.

Collected. Found. Recycled

Creating has been a constant for as long as I can remember. I studied Fine Art at the Hunter Institute NSW in the 90s and the Pilbara Institute WA from 2010-12.

I can’t really pinpoint a time when I started using recycled and foraged materials because as a child I was happy to use whatever resources were on hand, generally, it was cereal boxes, tin cans or foraged sticks and gumnuts.

…look beyond the obvious and appreciate the beauty in the materials

These days, my palette is similar. It’s collected, found, borrowed and recycled.  Fragments of the environment are created by deconstructing, manipulating and reinventing the materials. The combination of these materials with design elements such as form, line and repetition allows me to produce intimate works which invite the viewer to look beyond the obvious and appreciate the beauty in the materials.

Participating in the Lake Mac Waste to Art Exhibition

I’ve really enjoyed participating in the last two Lake Macquarie Sustainable Neighbourhoods Waste to Art Exhibition’ and have started collecting for the next exhibition! I’ve got cupboards full of ‘resources’, and I’m just waiting for my artist mind to kick into gear.

Keep up to date with Diana’s talented work on instagram as @SeeYaSista

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2 thoughts on “Creating Art from Found and Foraged Waste

  1. Deb Wilson says:

    What an amazing talent Diana Boyd is! Her love for our planet and it’s future melded with her creativity and passion for art is truely inspiring. I love her work. Huge accolades and respect, the world needs more likeminded souls.

    • Mardi says:

      Thanks for reading and loving Diana’s story. Diana has a genuine passion for our local environment and shares this love in a gentle yet powerful way. Mardi xxx

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