Creative Repurposing with Blankets and Jumpers

Have you ever wondered what to do with those old fashioned, heavy wool blankets or the used jumper that’s beyond repair? It’s good to know that imaginative folks have brought their ideas to life in many ways for creative repurposing with blankets and jumpers.

I’ve found and collated an amazing number of Australian creatives who make unique one of a kind fashion pieces and homewares using either retro, vintage, used, old fashioned blankets and jumpers. All of these creatives wares are available for sale through Etsy Australia.

Some links in this post are my affiliate partnership recommendations. I may receive a commission when you make a purchase through these links.


Marie Nicole is based in Yass NSW, with a passion for sustainability. ByMarieNicole focuses on handcrafting beautiful products for others to enjoy amidst their everyday activities.

By upcycling vintage woollen blankets, Marie Nicole specialises in making bespoke guitar cases, ukulele cases as well as colourful yoga mat bags. Marie Nicole has a genuine love for her artisan skill.

Click here to read more about ByMarieNicole’s inspiration, process and made to order guitar cases.


Theresia from PolkaDotBlueDesign is based in Perth WA and creates handmade nordic scandinavian gnomes from old jumpers.

Theresia was amazed by the excess amount and quality of clothes found in second hand shops. Seeing mountains of jumpers, Theresia decided to turn them into adorable little Gnomes. Being able to recycle, upcycle and reuse is PolkaDotBlueDesign‘s philosophy on reducing the impact on the environment.

Click here for more details, pricing and the range of a cute little Christmas gnomes from PolkaDotBlueDesign. 

One Little Caterpillar

Stephanie is the creative person behind the Etsy shop One Little Caterpillar. Specialising in making animal buddies from used woollen blankets, Stephanie also creates cozy baby sleeping bags.

Click here to see pricing and products from One Little Caterpillar.

Made by Flick

Felicity is the creative behind Made by Flick, based in Ulverstone TAS. After reading articles about how the fashion industry is the most polluting industry, Felicity wondered what she could do to lessen her impact. Felicity turned to re-purposing vintage table cloths, tea towels and sheets to create sustainable fashion and modern accessories.

Made by Flick creates hot water bottle covers from old fashioned woollen blankets. A toastie hot water bottle made even toastier with the repurposed woollen blanket cover!

Click here for more products and pricing from Made by Flick.

Finding ways to creatively repurpose with vintage woollen blankets is an excellent way of using items that are already in circulation and has the bonus of usually being one of a kind, bespoke items. I love how there are many folk who have the knack for thinking outside the square! These creative repurposed items add a personal style element for your home decorating and are also ideal birthday or Christmas gifts.

I hope this is an inspiration for you to support Australian handmade small business by browsing their shops on Etsy Australia.

Click here to read about creative ways to upcycle and repurpose with vintage tea towels.

Some links in this post are my affiliate partnership recommendations. I may receive a commission when you make a purchase through these links.

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