Creative Repurposing with Vintage Tea Towels

Have you ever wondered what to do with those old tea towels at the back of grandma’s cupboard? Did you know there’s more to vintage tea towels than meets the eye!

Creative repurposing with vintage tea towels by these creative etsy folks shows how quality upcycled fashion and homewares can take centre stage, again.

The patterns and design of the fabric often provide the inspiration for each piece. I’ve found and collated an amazing number of Australian creatives who make unique one of a kind fashion pieces and homewares using vintage tea towels.

All of these are available to through Etsy Australia, one of my affiliate partners.

Some links in this post are my affiliate partnership recommendations. I may receive a commission from these links when you make a purchase.

Jessica Wolf Art Design

Jessica Wolf Designs

Jessica Wolf Art Design is based in Sydney NSW and loves quirky colour schemes, Australian floral designs, funky texture & pattern. She has an eye for detail. Jessica makes one of a kind vintage and retro inspired handmade fashion and accessories and particularly loves repurposing with vintage teatowels and vintage fabrics, creating unique wearable works of art.

Magnificent broad brimmed sunhats, newsboy hats and a selection of crossbody bags are Jessica’s most popular selling items that are primarily made from vintage tea towels.

Click here for more details and items from Jessica Wolf Art Design.

Tootsie Handmade

Tootsie Handmade

Tootsie Handmade is based in Semaphore SA and loves the idea of recycling & upcycling so that items get a second or third chance at life. Karen’s creative focus is to use vintage and reclaimed fabrics predominantly from the 60’s and 70’s, including  vintage blankets, tea towels, doilies and buttons to create one-of-a-kind accessories.

Karen’s largest range of upcycled items are her unique cushion covers which are made from upcycled vintage tea towels. The very practical and one of a kind clutches, purses and bags are made from a combination of vintage tea towels and retro fabric or bedsheets.

Click here for more amazing products and pricing from Tootsie Handmade.

Squeaky Squirrel

Squeaky Squirrel

Melanie is the creator behind Squeaky Squirrel, based in Sydney NSW. Melanie makes unique and lovable soft toys using vintage tea towels. They are the ideal Australiana souvenir gift for adults and children.

Click here to view Squeaky Squirrel’s one of a kind creations.

Keep Oh

Keep-Oh Australia

When you love your vintage tea towel more as a decorative piece rather than a practical or upcycled project, then Keep-Oh Australia has the perfect solution for you.

Primarily made from Tasmanian Oak, Keep-Oh’s magnetic tea towel simple framing systems let you display and interchange your favourite vintage retro tea towels! Lovingly handmade in Murwillumbah NSW.

Click here for details, pricing and availability from Keep-Oh Australia.

Finding ways to creatively repurpose with vintage tea towels is an excellent way of using items that are already in circulation and has the bonus of usually being one of a kind items. 

I hope this is an inspiration for you to support Australian handmade small business by browsing their shops on Etsy Australia.

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