Hello and welcome! Mardi from French for Tuesday has a passion for sharing lived and learned experiences and knowledge with the Newcastle, Central Coast & Hunter communities.

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What to Expect at My Events

Myall Lakes: My Photo Story

My core approaches to teaching and learning are central to each workshop:-

  • reduce your “sustainability” overwhelm
  • capture and embrace your own workable eco-decisions & practises
  • connect with local community, businesses and places that support living sustainably
  • eco-living is about lifelong continuous learning
  • we are all at different stages of our sustainability

Local Events

The Local Events page is where you’ll find me in your community. I may be the speaker or just super proud to be involved by attending.

Upcoming events are at the top of the page, whilst previous events are underneath the most recent events. The previous workshops are a catalogue retrospective that may be held again.

Speaking and Workshops

My Low Tox Journey - Low Tox Life Certified Coach

As a qualified early childhood educator and approved low tox coach, I love sharing experiences, knowledge and stories of living an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Workshops highlight the positives of what we can do to live more resourcefully as a community, yet also acknowledging that how we choose to this will differ on an individual level.

Let’s work together on the most accessible and workable areas of living – food, home & body. Head here for more information on how I can help you bring resourcefulness in to your everyday living.