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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Workshop

Eco Friendly Cleaning Workshop

Learn easy low tox cleaning alternatives which are good for your family and good for the planet.

Did you know how toxic many of the cleaning chemicals we use are for both our family and for the environment? Low tox cleaning doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive! And it doesn’t mean spending hours scrubbing with ineffective alternatives.

I’ll show you how making the switch to low tox cleaning products is easier than you think!

Hosted by the Warners Bay Sustainable Neighbourhood Group.

Take 3 for the Sea Inaugural CEO Cleanup

Take 3 For The Sea, an Australian, yet global non-profit organisation, created an inaugural CEO Clean-Up initiative in November 2019. The cleanup event was held at The Entrance North.
We picked up a crazy amount of rubbish on the land, in the water and on the island. My blogpost Take 3 for the Sea Inaugural CEO Cleanup has all the interesting facts about the day as well as solutions for how we can all make a difference. For more inspiration, read how Leonie is passionate about making a difference in her beachside community.

How to Live a Low Tox Life, with Alexx Stuart

Slow Skin Co., in collaboration with French for Tuesday brought Alexx Stuart to Newcastle in September 2019 for her first ever speaking event in our community.
The workshop created a stronger low tox community in Newcastle to support each other on a journey to living a more eco-conscious,  low tox lifestyle.
If you live in the Newcastle region only, join our Facebook group Low Tox Community Newcastle.

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