Hello and welcome! This is your local events directory for the Newcastle, Central Coast & Hunter communities. Events listed here all have the same aim –  to help you live sustainably everyday.

Sharing the good stuff that’s happening in our community helps us learn from each other and make a combined effort to our health and planet. I may or may not be involved in these events.

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The prior workshops are a catalogue of the types of events and workshops I’ve been involved with.

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Previous Local Events

Waste to Art Exhibition

Sustainable Neighbourhoods Waste to Art Exhibition

Be challenged and inspired about how we re-think waste in the Lake Macquarie Sustainable Neighbourhoods Waste to Art exhibition, 28th October until the 15th December 2020.

The exhibition showcases thought-provoking artworks created from things that would otherwise be thrown away. 

Take 3 for the Sea CEO Clean Up

Take 3 For The Sea, is an Australian non-profit organisation helping to educate people on the impacts of plastic pollution.

My story, Take 3 for the Sea Inaugural CEO Cleanup has all the interesting facts about the clean up day, as well as solutions for how we can all make a difference.

How to Live a Low Tox Life

How to Live a Low Tox Life Workshop
Slow Skin Co., in collaboration with French for Tuesday brought Alexx Stuart to Newcastle in September 2019 for her first ever speaking event in our community.
The workshop created a stronger low tox community in Newcastle to support each other on a journey to living a more eco-conscious, low tox lifestyle.
If you live in the Newcastle region only, join our Facebook group Low Tox Community Newcastle for continuous advice and support in this area.

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