As a qualified early childhood educator and approved low tox coach, I love sharing the experiences, knowledge and stories of living a sustainable lifestyle.

Hello to Newcastle, Central Coast, Maitland, Port Stephens and Hunter! In these communities, my speaking roles include supporting the early childhood, primary and secondary schools curriculum by engaging interested students in meaningful learning; small group workshops and demos for your business, community group or even group of friends; one-to-one coaching and consultancy.

All of the workshops highlight the positives of what we can do to live a more resourceful lifestyle, acknowledging that we are at different stages of sustainable living.

Let’s work together on the most achievable areas of living – food, home & body. Get in touch with me to chat about how I can help you bring resourcefulness in to your everyday living.

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My workshops and speaking topics include, but are not limited to:

Choosing Secondhand First

Choosing to purchase secondhand first means you’re taking action to refuse and reduce buying new and prioritise items already in circulation.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to fully thrive and embrace secondhand living. Find out my insider tips about where and how to look for quality clothing, homewares and furniture. Become aware of the mistakes to avoid when choosing secondhand as well as learn simple ways to clean and replenish your new-for-you items.

Low Tox, Eco-friendly Cleaning Workshop

Learn easy low tox cleaning alternatives which are good for your family and good for the planet.

Did you know how toxic many of the cleaning chemicals we use are for both our family and for the environment? Low tox cleaning doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive! And it doesn’t mean spending hours scrubbing with ineffective alternatives.

I’ll show you how making the switch to low tox cleaning products is easier than you think!

These are individualised for your purpose. For example, cleaning to support your everyday living as well as specific cleaning needs for Air BnB Hosts, Professional Cleaners and for Early Childhood Services

Healthier Swaps Introductory Workshop

Learn how to make healthy food swaps for yourself and your family. You’ll discover the beauty of falling back in love with fresh produce and single ingredient foods. I’ll show you how easy it is to make healthier food swaps, without the chemicals and packaging.

Children’s Play: Leading the Way with Low Tox Creativity

With 20 years of early childhood experience, I’ve seen which toys and play are truly best for children from birth to 10 years of age.

Learn how to simplify your toys and increase your child’s creativity, critical thinking and appreciation for nature in this workshop for parents, teachers and early childhood educators

Treasuring Our Things for Generations

We seem to accumulate stuff, particularly as we get older. Knowing which is the quality stuff is the key to helping you declutter.

Find out which stuff should be treasured, loved and is of social & historical value for your following generations helps you to declutter mindfully, reduce waste and learn useful alternatives.

This workshop is ideal for people who have either suddenly accrued or inherited stuff or just need a start on knowing how to declutter with clear decision making tools.

Low Waste Cooking

Learn how to minimise your food waste with to help reduce our impact on the planet and being kinder on your bank balance to stretch your budget further.

Coaching and Consultancy

As a consultancy service, early childhood services are my speciality. Thinking beyond the worm farm, you will authentically embed toxin-free sustainability in your service’s philosophy and Quality Improvement Plan.

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