How to Get the Most From Your Lipstick

How to Get the Most from Your Lipstick

I’m at the end of my favourite everyday nude colour lipstick. The lipstick is flat to the metal rim and my personalised application shape has disappeared completely. It’s life as a traditional lipstick as we know it, is over.

Instead of tossing it out at this point, you can genuinely re-purpose the lippie and finish it right to the very depths of the canister’s end. With these couple of ideas, you can still enjoy your favourite lipstick colour and be more sustainable too.

  • Use a Lip Brush

In addition to making a more even lipstick application, the thin lip brush will easily reach down into the barrel of the lipstick to get that last little bit.

  • Turn Lipstick into Lip Gloss

Scoop out the rest of the lipstick from the barrel with a cotton bud. In a small container, mix in your most loved colour-free lip balm. You’ll get a moisturising gloss with a hint of your favourite colour.

Use what you already have

Once you’ve finished your lipstick re-purposing, the next idea is to use only the lipsticks that you already have in your collection. Inspired by Sarah Lazarovic’s illustration of The Buyerarchy of Needs, using what you already have is the first thoughtful level of the Buyerarchy model. It makes you stop and think that you don’t really need to buy the exact same lipstick colour when you already have enough. Maybe it’s not the colour, but getting out of your lipstick colour comfort zone can brighten your lips and support your journey to a more sustainable beauty lifestyle.

How do you get the most from your lipstick?

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