Our community loves to know the best resources for how and where to start with circular (closed loop) sustainability and low tox, eco-friendly living. This is an evolving list of resources to help us live more sustainably as well as reducing the toxins in our lives. This is your handy reference guide. 

Inspiring Sources

I am an advocate for borrowing from your local library as much as possible and I would encourage you to use the library as your first source for these books. If that’s not possible, then here are your easy go-to book suppliers and digital downloads in Australia.

After reading your books, I know you’ll share your love of sustainability by passing the book on to a friend when you no longer need it.

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Online Courses

Online courses help to refine your knowledge of sustainability to become more aware of how to easily adapt and live more resourcefully and sustainably. I chose these courses for their authenticity and key practical steps for how you can really make an impact upon the wellbeing of yourselves, your family and our planet.

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Partnership Recommendations

Biome, Nourished Life, Etsy, Changing Habits, Low Tox Life and the Book Depository are my partnership recommendations to you. I’ve chosen these Australian businesses as my recommended affiliates, as their values align with your values of eco-friendly and sustainable living.

If you choose to purchase from any of these businesses, I may receive a commission, at no cost to you. Thanks for supporting French for Tuesday and these eco-friendly, toxin free, low waste businesses.

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