Books to Inspire

Here are a selection of books and magazines to inspire and motivate you about zero waste, living life to the fullest, frugal living and living a simple life.

I’m an advocate for borrowing from your local library as much as possible and encourage you to use the library as your first starting point. If that’s not possible, then clicking on these links are your easy go-to source in Australia to make a purchase.

After reading your books, I hope you’ll share your love of sustainability by passing it on to a friend when you no longer need it.

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Australian Books

Low Tox Life

By Alexx Stuart

In Low Tox Life, Australian activist and educator Alexx Stuart gently clears a path through the maze of mass-market ingredient cocktails, focusing on four key areas: Body, Home, Food and Mind.

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Waste Not

By Erin Rhoads

By Australian author Erin Rhoads (from The Rogue Ginger) this is the one book you need to reduce waste at home and in everyday life.

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A Zero Waste Life in

Thirty Days

By Anita Vandyke

This is the ultimate guide to radically reducing your waste, without losing your lifestyle. In her thirty-day challenge, Australian author Anita Vandyke gives you the rules, tips and tricks you need to eliminate plastic and live a cleaner, kinder life.

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Down to Earth:

A Guide to Simple Living

By Rhonda Hetzel

Australian author Rhonda Hetzel gently encourages readers to find the pleasure and meaning in a simpler life, sharing all the practical information she has gathered on her own journey.

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The Art of Frugal Hedonism

By Annie Raser-Rowland & Adam Grubb

Every strategy in this Australian book, The Art Of Frugal Hedonism has been designed to help you target the most important habits of mind and action needed for living frugally but hedonistically.

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Pip Magazine is your guide to the simple life. With inspiring stories about how to grow your own food, create a low energy home, eat locally and seasonally and be more in touch with the planet.

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ABC Organic Gardener

ABC Organic Gardener magazine is a guide to organic gardening, providing informative and inspirational stories on everything you need to know to grow your own fruit and vegetables- without the use of harmful chemicals. Each issue includes practical tips and advice from leading organic gardening experts.

Available as a print or digital subscription.

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Green is Australia’s leading sustainable architecture and landscape design magazine for inspirational stories on local and international houses, gardens and profiles.

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Since 1981, Wild magazine has been one of Australia’s premier sources of information for all things adventure related in Australia.

Wild magazine continues to produce high quality content for its bushwalkers, hikers, mountaineers, paddlers, skiers climbers, canyoners, cavers and riders.

Available as a print or digital subscription.

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Peppermint is the ultimate go-to green, fashion and lifestyle magazine that brings together eco-friendly, ethical style with a fun, fresh, intelligent twist.

This is a magazine with a conscience – ideal for savvy fashionistas who are passionate about social and environmental issues, but don’t want to compromise on high-end design, fashion and creativity.

Available as a print or digital subscription.

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Must Reads

Life Without Plastic

By Chantal Plamondon & Jay Sinha

Printed on FSC-certified paper and with BPA-free ink, Life Without Plastic strives to create more awareness about BPA-based products, polystyrene and other single-use plastics.

Life Without Plastic gives you ideas for safe, reusable and affordable alternatives and create easy replacements.

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The Little Book of Hygge –

The Danish Way to Live Well

By Meik Wiking

Hygge has been described as everything from “the art of creating intimacy”, “cosiness of the soul”, “the absence of annoyance” to “taking pleasure from the presence of soothing things”, “cosy togetherness” and “the pursuit of everyday pleasures”. Hygge is about creating an atmosphere.

The Little Book of Hygge is the definitive, must-read introduction to hygge.

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Start with Why

By Simon Sinek

Start with Why is a global bestseller and the TED Talk based on it, is the third most watched of all time.

Simon Sinek explains the framework needed to move past knowing what you do to how you do it, and then to ask the more important question – WHY?

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Children’s Picture Books

A Quiet Girl

By Peter Carnavas

Mary is a quiet girl. Her family makes so much noise they hardly notice her – or anything else. Until Mary, in her own gentle way, shows them what they’ve been missing.

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Compost Stew

By Mary McKenna Siddals

From apple cores to zinnia heads, readers will discover the best ingredients for a successful compost pile! This inviting book with bouncy verse provides all the answers for kids and families looking for simple, child-friendly ways to help the planet.

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I Like Old Clothes

By Mary Ann Hoberman

This poem is an exuberant celebration of hand-me-down clothes and is just as relevant and accessible today as it was over 30 years ago when it was written. Children’s Poet Laureate Mary Ann Hoberman offers a bouncy, fun-to-read-aloud text.

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