Here are two wonderful Australian businesses who run online courses that I know will help you become more resourceful and live a sustainable lifestyle for a healthy you and happy planet. The courses from Low Tox Life, and Changing Habits & The Nutrition Academy are available now.

Low Tox Life

Low Tox Life is a trusted Australian brand that gives responsible, balanced, evidence-based and exciting education on every way you can reduce your toxic load. The following courses are run by Alexx Stuart from Low Tox Life.

By choosing one of these courses, you will reduce your overwhelm. Start with simple, clear strategies and suggestions to get you thinking and actioning on a personal, local and global level. This course is available for the global community.

I’ve used these courses myself as the starting point for my own low tox journey. I know that each course will leave you feeling excited about what you can change from today. A magnificent step forward to truly support your low tox, circular lifestyle to create a healthier you and happier planet.

I’m proud to support Low Tox Life as my online partnership recommendation to you. I genuinely love this brand and the value of these courses. I may receive a commission if you choose to click on these links and make an online course purchase. 

Go Low Tox

Go Low Tox is an online course designed to help you switch and ditch the environmental toxins across all aspects of daily life – including on your body and throughout your home. It’s a course designed for every budget.

This is the course you do to dramatically lower your toxic load and footprint – you learn from scratch if you’re a newbie or you refine your knowledge and get clearer on things if you’ve been making changes for a while.

Work through over 20 topics with all their resources + interviews. Learn how to navigate making the best choices for you and for your planet. Coached personally by Alexx Stuart from Low Tox Life, this course is run twice a year, starting in late February and late October.

Choose between the Basic one time access Go Low Tox Course or the Lifetime Access Go Low Tox Course. I highly recommend the Lifetime Access course so you can take your time with the course, get bonus topics and refresh your learnings whenever you want. To learn more or to sign up, go here

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Low Tox Kids E-Course by Low Tox Life

Low Tox Kids

Low Tox Kids is your roadmap to raising your kids in a low-tox way!

This course is a deep-dive into lowering the toxic load of kids, looking at current impact potentials in our modern environment and developing a rock solid understanding of how to raise healthy, low tox kids without deprivation or making them feel like they’re in an alternate hippy universe from their friends.

This on-demand course gives you lifetime access with five major topics all released immediately after registering for the course. Ideal for parents of under 10’s, this course will help raise your child low tox from the get go.

You’ll love the beautiful practitioner interviews, the comprehensive category-filtered shopping list and all the resources we’ve pulled together. The hope is for you to feel empowered with the “why” we want to raise kids in a low tox environment, and that you have the tools to do that.

To learn more or sign up today go here…

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Real Food Rockstars e-course by Low Tox Life

Real Food Rockstars

Being a Real Food Rockstar means ditching the stress, the guilt, the lie of ‘nouveau convenience’ – and instead, truly loving beautiful, natural nourishing food. It also means experiencing a deep inner peace that comes from making friends with your food choices.

This course is for you if you’re overwhelmed (read: confused) by all the different diets out there. With over 17 topics including course reading, videos and further resources, simple daily challenges and a community facebook group, you’ll be totally supported and inspired on your Real Food Rockstar journey!

To learn more or sign up today go here…

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Thrive e-course by Low Tox Life


What if we told you that in 21 teeny-tiny days you could change the way your family eats, supercharge everyone’s immune system, and even change some of the food-related behavioural issues in your children (did someone say fussy eating, brain fog or hyperactivity?).

In Thrive: Raising kids who love real food, we cover topics on setting up your pantry all the way to additives, meal times and body image. You have life time access for this on-demand course which is also coached live once a year.

To learn more or sign up today go here…

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Inflammation Ninja

Inflammation Ninja

Do you experience minor or major chronic inflammation without much success in feeling better? This course helps you understand chronic inflammation, its causes and treatments, to better your situation, whatever form of inflammation you’re experiencing.

Join the Inflammation Ninja online course today and get immediate + lifetime access.

To learn more or sign up today go here…

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Changing Habits & The Nutrition Academy

The Nutrition Academy was created by Changing Habits founder and nutritionist Cyndi O’Meara to educate on the power and importance of good food for great health.

The courses are built on a foundation of vitalistic philosophy. Past and present nutritional trends can influence our health and well-being, but also the greater systems we are part of, including our environment and lifestyle. The body is viewed as a whole, looking at the entire system and not just a collection of their parts — ultimately teaching you how they work together in harmony to achieve a specific outcome or function.

I may receive a commission if you choose to click on these links and make an online course purchase. 

Introduction to Nutrition

The Introduction to Nutrition course simplifies the fundamentals of health and nutrition in what often feels like a confusing and contradictory world. It’s designed to help you develop a holistic relationship between food and your health, shifting from a mindset of dieting and rigid regimes to one that works with your lifestyle.

To learn more or to sign up, go here

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Incredible Edible Garden

The Nutrition Academy has collaborated with Morag Gamble from the Permaculture Education Institute to deliver their first Nutrient Dense Food Growing course – The Incredible Edible Garden Course.

Whether you’re a beginner or an established gardener, renting or a homeowner, this course teaches you the foundations of growing a thriving edible garden that doesn’t cost the earth. You’ll gain valuable tips and guidance from a very simple and accessible approach to gardening – for food, medicine, household and beauty products and more.

Work with nature and get a tenfold increase in the amount of food and resources you have in your garden. Learn how to create gardens that require less water, less maintenance, have fewer pests and more life.

This course is a comprehensive introduction to permaculture design and gardening.

To learn more or sign up today go here…

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