I thoroughly recommend a number of Low Tox Life e courses, such as Go Low Tox,  Thrive, Real Food Rockstar and Low Tox Kids, to give you an excellent foundation for low tox and low impact living.

The Clean Collective, BiomeEtsy, Nourished Life, iSubscribe and the Book Depository are my partnership recommendations to you. I’ve chosen these Australian online stores as my recommended affiliates, as I believe their values align with your values of low impact living and sustainability.

Hello Fresh is a great way to start saying no to pre-packed, pre-cooked and artificial meals and say yes to healthy, real ingredients.

If you choose to purchase from any of these businesses, I may receive a commission, at no cost to you. Thanks for supporting French for Tuesday and these eco-friendly, toxin free, low waste businesses.

Go Low Tox

Go Low Tox is an online course designed to help you switch and ditch environmental toxins across all aspects of daily life – including on your body and throughout your home. It’s a course designed for every budget. 

Learn how to navigate making the best choices for you and for your planet with live support from Alexx Stuart, founder of Low Tox Life, and the thousands of course alumni as you work through over 20 topics with all their resources + interviews. 

To learn more or sign up today go here.

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Low Tox Kids E-Course by Low Tox Life

Low Tox Kids

Low Tox Kids is your roadmap to raising your kids in a low-tox way!
This course is a deep-dive into lowering the toxic load of kids, looking at current impact potentials in our modern environment and developing a rock solid understanding of how to raise healthy, low tox kids without deprivation or making them feel like they’re in an alternate hippy universe from their friends.

To learn more or sign up today go here…

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Real Food Rockstars e-course by Low Tox Life

Real Food Rockstars

Being a Real Food Rockstar means ditching the stress, the guilt, the lie of ‘nouveau convenience’ – and instead, truly loving beautiful, natural nourishing food. It also means experiencing a deep inner peace that comes from making friends with your food choices.

This course is for you if you’re overwhelmed (read: confused) by all the different diets out there.

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Thrive e-course by Low Tox Life


What if we told you that in 21 teeny-tiny days you could change the way your family eats, supercharge everyone’s immune system, and even change some of the food-related behavioural issues in your children (did someone say fussy eating, brain fog or hyperactivity?).

In Thrive: Raising kids who love real food, we cover topics on setting up your pantry all the way to additives, meal times and body image. 

To learn more or sign up today go here…

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Etsy is your global marketplace for unique and creative goods.

It’s home to a universe of special, extraordinary items, from unique handcrafted pieces to vintage treasures.

Did you know…every time you purchase an item on Etsy, they balance out the carbon emissions by investing in projects that reduce carbon emissions.

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Biome is Australia’s favourite eco friendly store since 2003.

At Biome, you can enjoy high performing products like the super clean, cruelty free beauty ranges without sacrificing your health. Biome believes in truthful labelling, safe ingredients and zero harm to people and animals.

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The Clean Collective

Australia’s strictest toxin-free, waste less shop and planet-loving community. The Clean Collective has you covered for natural organic, zero waste solutions without the greenwashing.

The Clean Collective knows it’s not realistic to switch to toxin-free and eco-friendly options overnight. But even the tiniest change – when made as a Collective – can result in a huge, champagne-popping difference to the world!

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isubscribe is Australia’s most comprehensive provider of magazine subscriptions online, with over 4,000 print & digital magazine titles on offer on our Australian site. iSubscribe has also introduced a range of eclectic books and guides. 

Find your favourite magazines at isubscribe – such as Frankie, Mollie Makes, PIP Magazine, Green, WellBeing, Fete/Life, ABC Organic Gardener.

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Nourished Life

Nourished Life is Australia’s home of toxin free shopping – cruelty free and no fake natural. Available to buy are natural skin care, makeup, organic beauty and health products.

A range of products are sourced from ethical brands that do not test on animals and share our strict ingredients policy standards. Nourished Life specialises in Certified Natural, Certified Organic, Food Grade and Certified Biodynamic products. 

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Book Depository

The Book Depository is one of the world’s leading specialist online bookstores. Proud to offer more than 19 million titles at low prices, all with free delivery worldwide to over 100 countries.

Whatever your interest or passion, you’ll find something interesting in the bookshop full of delights.

Start your sustainable living book search with the Home and Garden category.

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Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is a great start to say no to pre-packed, pre-cooked and artificial meals, and instead say yes to healthy, real ingredients.

Order HelloFresh and they’ll deliver delicious, fresh ingredients with simple recipes straight to your doorstep each week.

As a new customer, save 40% on your first Hello Fresh box! Enter the code – HELLORAD40

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