Biome, Young LivingEtsy, Nourished Life, iSubscribe, and the Book Depository are my partnership recommendations to you. I’ve chosen these online stores and businesses as my recommended affiliates, as I believe their values align with your values of living creatively for the wellbeing of people and planet.

If you choose to purchase from any of these businesses, I may receive a commission, at no cost to you. Thanks for supporting French for Tuesday and these eco-friendly, sharing platform, low tox and low waste businesses.

Nourished Life

Nourished Life is Australia’s home of toxin free shopping – cruelty free and no fake natural. Available to buy are natural skin care, makeup, organic beauty and health products.

A range of products are sourced from ethical brands that do not test on animals and share our strict ingredients policy standards. Nourished Life specialises in Certified Natural, Certified Organic, Food Grade and Certified Biodynamic products.

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Young Living

Young Living

Young Living’s Thieves product line brings safe alternatives to your home so you can replace harsh chemicals with naturally derived formulas that work hard and smell amazing. Set yourself up with a Young Living Starter Kit to access members prices and start enjoying the Young Living wellness lifestyle.

As your distributor for Young Living, feel free to contact me for support with signing up and chat about how Young Living membership works for you.

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Etsy is your global marketplace for unique and creative goods.

It’s home to a universe of special, extraordinary items, from unique handcrafted pieces to vintage treasures.

Did you know…every time you purchase an item on Etsy, they balance out the carbon emissions by investing in projects that reduce carbon emissions.

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Biome is Australia’s favourite eco friendly store since 2003.

At Biome, you can enjoy high performing products like the super clean, cruelty free beauty ranges without sacrificing your health. Biome believes in truthful labelling, safe ingredients and zero harm to people and animals.

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isubscribe is Australia’s most comprehensive provider of magazine subscriptions online, with over 4,000 print & digital magazine titles on offer on our Australian site. iSubscribe has also introduced a range of eclectic books and guides.

Find your favourite magazines at isubscribe – such as Frankie, Mollie Makes, PIP Magazine, Green, WellBeing, Fete/Life, ABC Organic Gardener.

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Book Depository

The Book Depository is one of the world’s leading specialist online bookstores. Proud to offer more than 19 million titles at low prices, all with free delivery worldwide to over 100 countries.

Whatever your interest or passion, you’ll find something interesting in the bookshop full of delights.

Start your sustainable living book search with the Home and Garden category.

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