Sewing Couture-Style Dresses From Waste

In this video, Melinda shares her inspirationally creative Waste to Art story on sewing couture-style dresses from waste, highlighting how you can make something beautiful and spectacular from things that other people have thrown away.

Melinda gives us greater insight in to the background, inspiration and process of creating these dresses in her written story Blue Wrap Couture: From Waste to Art.

Watch the video here or read the summary below.

Sewing Couture-Style Dresses from Waste (Video)

Sewing Couture-Style Dresses from Waste (Summary)

Exhibiting each year in the Lake Macquarie Sustainable Neighbourhood’s Waste to Art Exhibition, Melinda’s story will encourage you to start creating!

Hospital waste would just normally get thrown into the garbage bag and go straight to landfill. It’s a little bit satisfying knowing that while it’s not going to go to landfill, it’s got another purpose to hopefully make something really, really beautiful.

Melinda is a registered nurse and has a passion for sewing. She started making these couture-style dresses six years ago, either from waste or things that other people had considered waste.

Reusing the resources that we already have in circulation, Melinda sources her materials from op shops, her workplace and people in the community. One of the couture-style dresses needed 40 to 50 metres of fabric, which would never be possible if the material was bought brand new.  

When making something beautiful from waste, it’s a process that evolves with time. It can be an incredible journey of looking at things differently and proving that something quite spectacular or beautiful can be made from things that other people have thrown away.

Waste to Art Exhibition

Sustainable Neighbourhoods Waste to Art Exhibition

Lake Macquarie Sustainable Neighbourhoods are challenging the way we look at waste with the annual Waste to Art exhibition.

The exhibition is open to everyone in our community – artists, creatives, community groups and schools – and are invited to take up the challenge to create a new life for materials that will otherwise be thrown away.

Where will you find your inspiration? Check out the Exhibition Guide for an artist overview from 2020

To register your interest, visit Sustainable or go straight here for more details.

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