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5 Fresh Ways to Reduce Your Need to Buy

5 Fresh Ways to Reduce Your Need to Buy

The convenience of buying stuff now has moved stealthily into our everyday living psyche. Our “throw away buy new and buy now” culture has been strongly influenced by consumerism, over-consumption, mass production (including mass production of intentionally manufactured short-lived items) and lower price of products. The generating and creating and producing of waste due to […]

How to Get the Most From Your Lipstick

How to Get the Most from Your Lipstick

I’m at the end of my favourite everyday nude colour lipstick. The lipstick is flat to the metal rim and my personalised application shape has disappeared completely. Life as a traditional lipstick as we know it, is over. Some links in this post are affiliate links. I may earn from qualifying purchases. Instead of tossing […]

Leftover Pear Syrup Makes the Most Simple & Yummy Jelly

Leftover pear syrup jelly is yummy and so simple to make.

Tinned fruit is a convenient source of fruity goodness to go with your brekkie oats. It’s the only pear that’s bruise free when you go weekend camping! Once you’ve eaten the pears, there’s a lot of leftover liquid. Rather than throwing the juices away, here’s how you can make this simple leftover pear syrup jelly […]