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The Naturally Fresh Feeling of Line Drying Clothes

The Naturally Fresh Feeling of Line Drying Clothes

Growing up in the burbs of Sydney, Mum always hung the washing on the original metal Hills Hoist clothesline. On a slight grassy slope at the bottom of the back verandah, the line was easy to spin for the large sheets and towels to hang freely in the breeze. As a child, that clothesline beckoned […]

Starting a Simplified Co-op with Free Range Eggs

Starting a Simplified Co-op with Free Range Eggs

The more I knuckle down into living a more sustainable, low impact life the more I realise how large corporations and businesses aren’t as sustainable as I would hope. Did you know that in Australia, at least two of the largest supermarkets have the duopoly on all areas of grocery shopping, but they also own […]

Creative Upcycling with Bedsheets and Fabrics

Have you ever wondered what to do with those old bedsheets and fabrics at the back of grandma’s cupboard? Thanks to creative peeps with ingenious ideas, these quality sheets and fabric are ideal for repurposing and upcycling into some absolutely fresh and funky fashion and homewares pieces. I’ve found and collated an amazing number of […]

Green Simple Swaps – Alternatives to Cling Wrap

Green Simple Swaps - Alternatives to Cling Wrap

Along your journey towards a more low impact lifestyle, finding quality reusable options similar to your current products means you’re more likely to stick with the new-for-you alternative. It’s working out what’s best for you by refusing and reducing your reliance on single use, disposable plastic and increasing your reliance on reusable products. Are you […]

Daily Habits for Low Impact Living: Use What You Have

Your Daily Habits for Zero Waste Living: Use What You Have

Are you feeling overwhelmed on how and where to start your authentic, low impact living journey? Creating do-able daily habits for low impact living: use what you have weaves together the many elements of living more simply and sustainably. Using what you have is your top-of-mind approach for the first step in your journey towards […]

5 Ways to Reduce Your Need to Buy

5 Fresh Ways to Reduce Your Need to Buy

The convenience of buying stuff now has moved stealthily into our everyday living psyche. Our “throw away buy new and buy now” culture has been strongly influenced by consumerism, over-consumption, mass production (including mass production of intentionally manufactured short-lived items) and lower price of products. Generating, creating and producing waste due to the overconsumption is […]

How to Get the Most From Your Lipstick

How to Get the Most from Your Lipstick

I’m at the end of my favourite everyday nude colour lipstick. The lipstick is flat to the metal rim and my personalised application shape has disappeared completely. Life as a traditional lipstick as we know it, is over. Instead of tossing it out at this point, we can genuinely re-purpose the lippie and finish it […]

Surplus Pear Syrup Jelly

Surplus Pear Syrup Jelly

I was introduced to this wonderful use of surplus syrup by my sister, Tara. She started making this jelly for her sons who are on the Failsafe “diet”. Pear jelly is one of the few sweety treaties her kids can enjoy. For our family, this has become a simple to make staple favourite. Tinned fruit […]